Harajuku babelicous icons Yama, Minami and Shima with EGG! designs! ((^.^**)

はらじゅくバベリシュス: やまちゃん、みなみちゃんとしまさん!!! エグー!!!!(^。^)

I love your style!!! and am also into japanese fashion!! :) i was just wondering how you began studying in Harajuku? and also where??? ahhh your life is so cool! :3

Girl!! Thank you ^^))
My university offered exchange scholarship programs. And Japan was on the list! I applied and studied hard and won a scholarship! (But you can go  without a scholarship, you just have to pay)
My uni wasn’t in Harajuku, I just lived there! But you don’t need to worry about where you live in Tokyo. The transport is incredible so you never feel far away.
The university was called Tokyo Gakugei, near Kichijoji.
I would reallllllllllllllly suggest going on exchange. It’s such a fun time and most universities want students to go on exchange. DO it!!!!!!!
I hope this answered all your questions lady! 
Also, Tokyo was my complete inspiration for design. I’d been interested before, but after living there I became so creative and passionate. The city  was my muse! <3
egg x